At Targa, the development process is always collaborative. We work together with clients to make product really work in digital. Working towards this common cause, all Targa people share ideas and values.

Value #1: Partnership

Working hand in hand to combine a client's industry expertise and our knowledge of the digital into a purpose-driven product design.

Value #2: Small, senior team

All of Targa people share love of good UX design and Webflow best practices. Diverse in skills, united in the creative process. Working hands-on through project.

Value #3: Speed-to-market

Launch products fast, iterate and pivot if needed. Endless possibilities of Webflow and other low-code platforms allow us to ship fully-functional web & mobile applications in weeks.

Value #4: Regular communications

We stick to a simple, agile development process in line with the client-first approach. We keep a client in the loop through the project, so that we can exchange opinions and ideas instantly.

Value #5: Proven technology

We only bet on the top-notch tech stack, communication tools and methodologies. This allows us to concentrate on business goals, technology is the means to achieving them.

Value #6: Continuous improvement

Looking way beyond aesthetically pleasing design to launch conversion-oriented solutions. We continue to evaluate predefined KPIs after the product is launched.
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