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Becoming the all-round digital partner for an innovative med startup. Creating communication strategy, launching patient portal, supporting back-end integrations.


In Germany, the initial consultation and diagnosis with a doctor is available free-of-charge, however many patients are looking for a valuable second opinion to either confirm or deny the initial diagnosis. This trend is growing fast.

Medrefer, a German network of med experts united to digitize medical processes, saw an opportunity. Since patients need access to the second medical option, they set out to deliver an online service that can help them make a more informed decision about their health.

Zweitmeinung (eng. Second Opinion) is the first web patient portal in Germany offering medical consultations online to verify the initial diagnosis.

Zweitmeinung product lead, Jędrzej Kosiuk, partnered with Targa to shape the vision into a brand experience that patients will trust and use conveniently.

How we helped?

  • Digital product strategy
  • Digital brand & UI Design
  • Front-end development via Webflow
  • Integration with Medrefer system via REST API
  • Microservice TBC via Supabase

Project in a snapshot

Key takeaways

1. Creating communication strategy for a very specialist, first-of-its-kind med service in Germany

How to design the communication strategy for a very industry-specific med product that is completely unknown on the German market? At Targa, we believe that simplicity is the answer. Simplicity in the tone of voice, copywriting and photography direction to resonate with users who don’t typically make use of online medical consultations. Also, simplicity and transparency in the value proposition, ensuring that from the first interaction with the web platform users fully understand that the Zweitmeinung service is specifically about the second medical opinion.

2. Smooth integration with the third-party platform

Working with Zweitmeinung, Targa decided to focus on the purchase process of medical consultation online and deliver a customer experience that will trigger a high level of trust and make this process easy-to-navigate for a user.

Business-wise, our goal was to create the system backend that will integrate existing components used by Medrefer and connect them under one IT umbrella that will be convenient to manage by the Zweitmeinung operational team. To make Zweitmeinung a scalable solution, Targa established Zweitmeinung-Medrefer connection that is responsible for displaying available doctors, their areas of specialization and time slots. Since some business-critical features weren’t supported by the Medrefer system, Targa launched a custom microservice integrated with the remaining network to handle, for example, deferred payments or receipt generation.

3. Driving engagement among doctors

Zweitmeinung is about connecting patients with the right medical specialist, so creating a substantial database of doctors is key to the success of this project. Together with Zweitmeinung we decided that the possibility of creating an online profile can be the means of driving enrollment among doctors. In the design process, we made sure that the template of a business profile is both aesthetically pleasing and easy to use.

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