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A self-service platform, where you can select suitable health tests, collect samples by yourself and send the completed test to a lab – all right from your couch.


The pandemic revealed the shortcomings of many medical facilities that are still heavily reliant on paper and manual processes. This sparked an idea in a group of med experts from Epixpert – to support companies in conducting health tests for their employees at companies’ premises, giving a service that is always available on time and convenient for users.

The B2B solution proved to be a great success. Epixpert decided they want to help reduce barriers to care and give individual customers such a new quality of medical services. In 2022, Epixpert team decided to create an at-home health testing platform for individual customers. The first such a self-service platform in Poland, known as [Eng. at-home tests], where you can select suitable health tests online, collect samples yourself using test kits and send the completed test to a lab for analysis and interpretation – all right from your couch.

Epixpert partnered with Targa to shape this innovative concept and create a full digital strategy with a dedicated web platform at the core. At Targa, we were very excited about being a digital & marketing partner to create every single interaction of a customer with this innovative brand. Our goal? Working holistically across business strategy, branding, UX, digital & printed visuals and logistics processes to connect these pieces of experience and make them fit smoothly together as we intended.

How we helped?

  • Digital experience strategy
  • Digital branding & website design
  • Front-end and e-commerce development via Webflow & Shopify
  • CMS & client dashboard setup via Airtable
  • Backend development via Supabase
  • Launch support

Project in a snapshot

  • Logistics process – testywdomu makes a great example of how online and offline processes intertwine in projects which are digital to the core. During the service blueprint stage, we identified a couple of offline brand touchpoints – an at-home test kit being the most important one. Targa took care of designing the kit, making sure it aligns with the branding strategy in its tone of voice and visually. Also, Targa mapped and implemented the logistics process of the kit – from the moment the kit is delivered to a customer, until it arrives at a lab.
  • Integrations with external applications - to make using the at-home testing platform a truly smooth experience for end users & business, Targa mapped and created integrations with business partners, such as courier companies and labs.
  • Submitting health tests – our goal was to ensure that customers feel secure and well-informed when submitting samples for analysis and interpretation. To ensure safety, Targa implemented unique security codes. To avoid any misunderstandings when collecting information in forms or presenting medical information to users, we made sure that all content is very clear visually and written in a plain, understandable language.

Key takeaways

1. Automating processes to offer a better shopping experience

Workshops made it clear that Epixpert doesn’t use business process automation to its full potential. Targa identified certain room for improvement and offered to automate a number of primary and complementary processes, mostly related to the order processing in their e-commerce. We knew that Airtable is the right tool to use for this purpose. We started with synchronizing data from Shopify, next we ensured that orders, the product inventory and the catalogue are all managed automatically via the Airtable interface. In cooperation with a major Polish courier service provider Inpost, we automated label printing.

2. Low-code tech stack

Low-code tech stack made the best bet for Epixpert. The start-up is in the early stage of growth with its B2C at-home testing platform and one thing is sure about Webflow – it has been built for growth. By opting for Webflow, we shipped a fully-functional and scalable website in a matter of 6 weeks. The website is ready to grow with Epixpert – expanding the website, adding new features or automations won’t jeopardize its consistency in terms of UX design and branding.

3. Enhancing the customer experience at every interaction

Epixpert and Targa worked hand in hand to map, orchestrate and visualize the customer journey that users will simply love. We wanted end customers to have maximum delight and minimum tasks to do when navigating through the at-home testing platform. Our team kept this in mind when planning all interactions on the website, designing the checkout process, organizing the delivery of at-home test kits or collecting samples.

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